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Mioveni is located in the centre of the Arges county, at 15 km from the city of Pitesti and 125 Km from the capital of Bucharest, on Route 73 Pitesti - Campulung Muscel. It is located in the great geo-tectonic sub-carpathian unit called the Getic Basin, and morphologically situated in the Eastern terminal area of the Cotmeana Platform.
Mioveni is located in the Getic Plateau, in the contact area between the hills of Arges and the Platform of Cândeşti, in the middle of Arges County. As average type of landscape, the city is situated in the Arges basin, on the left bank of Argesel, at 2.5 km from its confluence with the Fair River (Targului). Being located at the foothills of the Great Valley Forest – Colibaşi, in the southern extension of Vierosi and Ştefăneşti hills, the altitude of the city of Mioveni is located between +425 metres and +325 metres.
Set on the coordinates 45012’ northern latitude and 2503' eastern longitude, Mioveni borders in the far North with the counties of Sibiu and Brasov, in the East with the county Dambovita, in the South with the county of Teleorman, in the South-west with the county of Olt and in the West with the county of Valcea.


The main access routes into the city are:
- Route 733 from Pitesti
- Route 80 from Pitesti – Valea Mare - Faget
- Route 82 from Piscani
- ROUTE 83 FROM Clucereasa
- Route 733 from Racoviţa.
Other roads that connect to the city of Mioveni are:
- Route 73 (north of the city) from which starts: route 733, route 82 and route 83;
- Route 731, Route 73 in the city, connected to Piscani;
- Route 79 and route 78 which connect to route 80 in Valea Mare - Enculeşti.
Rail : Bucharest – Golesti -Mioveni - Campulung.
For the personal transport, the stations are at Mioveni and Clucereasa. For goods transportation, the station is at Clucereasa. There is also a secondary line that leads to SC Automobile Dacia SA. For now there is no built train station.


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